The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

Readers’ Reactions


“A fun and fast-paced book. If you are a true believer in God’s Word, you will like John Boyd’s book.”

—Lashay J. Price, San Antonio, Texas


“I wish there is a real ‘Marshall Minister’ today. A good book to read while traveling.”

—Ronnie D. Swanson, San Francisco, California


“Exciting and thrilling read. You can read the author’s faith in this book. I hope there is a sequel to this one.”

—Carrie T. Clifford, Chico, California

The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

About the Book

The Second Coming is happening soon. But before God sends Jesus Christ, He needs someone to prepare the world first. So, who will God pick? Will He pick a famous preacher, a military man, or a world leader? It turns out God chose a tired old truck driver named John. The new “Marshall Minister” is given knowledge and power by God to preach the gospel, battle villains, and prepare the way for Jesus Christ. Will the “Marshall Minister” win against Lucifer’s minions?

The Marshall Minister: The Beginning

About the Author

John Boyd lives in Hardy, Virginia, with his wife and family. He is a trucker by profession and takes pride doing good work. He is also a man of faith and wants to share the Word of God through his writings.


I have a question, in one word you speak of the Lord as the Lord,
and in the next sentence you speak as him the master. The only ones that speak of the Master, are the ones that speaks of the devil. Which one is it? This ordeal is really starting to get under my skin and if you are from the devil, you are to remove your fat asses out of here and leave me the hell alone. And, if you are speaking of the Lord, well, I will just see what’s going on here.

By placing my hand upon his head, I dedicate him to the ministry and to be the ‘Marshall Minister.’ In front of his peers, my son, Jesus, and to the world. I give him power upon high and the knowledge in truth to use it.

And Jesus said, “Yes. They got the message, but chose to ignore it. Their constituents and Satan don’t want peace. I have a suggestion for you, John. You might try bringing your president to the scene and let him see what goes down. And, if he wants to, he can bring two security guards with him. I will also be there with you.

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